World Advisory is highly involved in the small business community through a variety of programs and initiatives and connected to thousands of small business owners.

As our Client or Partner, you will be able to access our network to utilize resources, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, receive promotion, give back, and more.

Together, we can help each other succeed and reach our full potential.

Our Network Includes:

Our publication Small Business View provides news, tips, interviews, and more on small business, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

As our Client or Partner, we can feature you or your organization, tell your story, highlight your success, and share any exciting news, events and promotions.

This is an excellent opportunity for you and your organization create a buzz in your networks, increase press exposure, and is highly effective for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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World Advisory participates and hosts a variety of events across the U.S. including our ongoing nationwide Small Business Networking event series.

These free monthly events bring together local entrepreneurs to form partnerships, share our stories, learn from each other, and grow stronger together.

As our Client or Partner, we offer opportunities to be exclusively featured and promoted through our Small Business Networking events and can also promote your events as well.

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Through World Advisory’s philanthropy Business For Hope, we provide our small business consulting services to help disadvantaged individuals start and grow businesses free of charge.

This includes people that are low-income, homeless, prisoners, refugees, immigrants, veterans, students, and more.

As our Client or Partner, we offer many opportunities to give back and help these individuals succeed and reach their full potential.

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Social Media

World Advisory has thousands of followers through our network of Social Media pages.

As our Client or Partner, we can promote your organization and your events, projects, and company news through our all of our pages and across all platforms.

In addition to World Advisory’s pages, our network includes pages linked to Small Business View, Business For Hope, World Business Expo, and our Founder & CEO Alexander Johnstone.

Connect with World Advisory


World Advisory’s Newsletter is received regularly through email by Our Clients, Employees, Partners, small business owners, and the general public.

As our Client or Partner, you will receive updates and information through our Newsletter regarding our projects, events, promotions, and company news in general.

You can also receive promotion for your organization through our Newsletter targeting specific geographic areas, industries, and our network as a whole.

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In addition to our small business consulting services, World Advisory partners with organizations to combine resources and help people to start and grow businesses.

As our Client, you will be able to utilize our network of Partners to receive discounts and exclusive access to products, services, events and more.

Serving as a Partner of World Advisory offers a unique opportunity for your organization to receive exposure while adding value to our Clients and making a difference.

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