DeWon Tarpley

Business Consultant
DeWon Tarpley is a highly creative and multi-talented innovative design consultant, visionary entrepreneur and an inspiring youth mentor.
He makes himself an asset and a resource, because he has a hunger for empowering those around him. Clients, associates, partners and colleagues across the globe often refer to him as the ‘Connector of Dots’ due to resourcefulness and a knack for fostering longstanding relationships.
To DeWon, design is much more than just structures, it’s a network of concepts & ideas coordinated as an expression.
He utilizes his inexhaustible imagination and design finesse to create extraordinary blueprints for buildings, business and life.
DeWon holds professional degrees in Business Management (AAS-T), Architectural Engineering Design (AAS-T, currently working on my B.Arch) and Horticulture-Landscape Design (AAS-T).
He currently lives in the Seattle, WA area.


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