Services FAQ

What will my Business Consultant help me with?

Your Business Consultant will provide guidance and assistance in all aspects of your business.

Whether you need help reaching more customers, building your website, registering your business, or making a tough decision, your Business Consultant will be there for you.

As a Client of World Advisory, if you have a concern, it becomes the concern of your Business Consultant.

Is there anything my Business Consultant cannot assist me with?

In most cases, your Business Consultant will be able to provide all guidance and assistance directly to you.

However, in some situations, it’s best to utilize an outside vendor to maximize time efficiency and receive specialized expertise.

This can include Bookkeeping and Tax services, Photography and Design, Legal Representation, and more.

Your Business Consultant will be able to help research, select the best fit, negotiate terms, and help you avoid getting ripped off.

Are there any additional fees?

As a Client of World Advisory, you will be charged monthly according to your Service Package with no additional or hidden fees.

The fee for your monthly Service Package covers time and labor provided by your Business Consultant.

If we utilize an outside vendor, you will be responsible to pay them directly.

You will never incur any unauthorized charges from your Business Consultant or from World Advisory.

How will I work with my Business Consultant?

You will be able to work with your Business Consultant through phone, email, video, and in-person when possible.

Meeting in-person is highly effective for communication, but can limit time for your Business Consultant to be dedicated to your business.

It’s up to you and your Business Consultant to establish a working schedule that is mutually convenient.

What if I’m not satisfied with my Business Consultant?

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Business Consultant, please contact us and our Client Relations team can help resolve the issue.

We want to ensure that you have a wonderful experience throughout your time as a Client of World Advisory.

If you have any questions or concerns, at any time, please Contact Us.

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