In addition to our services, World Advisory is highly involved in small business communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Global Network connects thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Together, we help people succeed and reach their full potential.

Through Partnership with World Advisory, we collaborate with organizations in a variety of ways to share resources and make it easier for anyone to start and grow a business.

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Events & Promotions

Through our ongoing Small Business Networking series, World Advisory brings together local entrepreneurs in locations across the globe.

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Our publication Small Business View provides news, tips, interviews, and more to inform, educate and inspire people on small business, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

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Our newsletter Across The Globe features company news, events, promotions, Clients & Partners, and all things World Advisory.

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Alexander Johnstone, as Founder & CEO of World Advisory, shares entrepreneurial insight through writing, speaking, mentoring and more.

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Social Media Social provides informative and inspirational content and connects entrepreneurs and business leaders through social media.

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As the official philanthropy of World Advisory, Business For Hope provides our small business consulting services to help disadvantaged individuals start and grow businesses free of charge.

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